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Jeep Wrangler Upper Doors: YJ '87 - '95

Dedicated to providing the best product, our Jeep upper doors fit perfectly--greatly reducing vibrations and noise and are capable of withstanding the harshest climates.

We understand that part of the appeal of the Jeep Wrangler is its low maintenance, "quick to get ready" approach. That is why we designed our Jeep upper doors to be easily installed and removed when needed. Our bolt-fastened technology requires no cutting, yet holds the Jeep upper doors firmly in place and allows them to be removed without the use of complex tools.

jeep Doors

About our Jeep Upper Doors:

  • The YJ doors (1987-1995) have been designed to fit factory Jeep Wrangler hard tops only.
  • Largest glass opening in-class, forward sliding, tinted, anti-glare, DOT approved safety glass window. See picture
  • Made from marine grade fiberglass with a durable gel coat finish.
  • Easily removed and installed.
  • Available in 3 different colors: Black-White-Spice or unpainted and untextured in a primered state. View textures up close. Black - White - Spice
  • Locking Windows Provides Positive Security.
  • All doors include the Standard Installation kit. We also offer an optional Deluxe Installation Kit for the Jeep hard doors.

Note: the Primer color is not an actual color, but the top is sprayed with primer. This option allows you to custom paint your new Bulldawg Top.

* Will not fit: Wrangler Unlimited, 4 door, extended models or '07 to present.

* Because of the age and the inconsistencies of the YJ models, slight adjustments may be required.

Red Jeep half doors

Jeep Wrangler Upper Doors: YJ '87 - '95
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Jeep Doors Sold as a Set
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  • Black
  • White
  • Spice
  • Primer
  • Muddy Water
  • Tree Stand
  • Cammo Breakup
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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Explain to me why I need to go on the website and look at the pdf file product update before purchasing a set of the YJ upper doors. Why may my hardtop not be compatible with the YJ upper doors?
  2. What are the differences between the std. installation kits for the TJ doors versus the YJ doors?
  3. I have heard the YJ upper doors will work on my CJ Jeep. Is that true?
  4. What are the benefits that I can expect out of your doors versus my soft upper doors?
  5. Are the upper doors hard to install? Explain to me the installation process of the upper doors

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  • Support

    AttentionAttention YJ (1987-1986) Jeep Customers
    Before purchasing a set of the YJ doors, please read the following product update to insure your hardtop will accept a set of the Bull Dawg upper doors.
  • Exclusive Hardware

    Jeep Door Hardware Installation Kit

    Standard Kit
    Standard Kit
    more info

Why buy a set of Bull Dawg Upper Half Doors?

  • No more annoying wind noise and vibrations at high speeds.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Strongest top quality doors on the market.
  • CAD designed for unparalled performance.
  • Safer and theft deterrent.
  • No cutting or drilling required. Bolt-in design.
  • Made in the USA.
  • More armrest room.
  • We have been making quality fiberglass products for over 50 years.

The fact the Jeep Wranglers only have half doors can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. The half door design is perfect for off-road activities and offers incredible flexibility. On the other hand, the lack of a solid upper door makes the Jeep Wrangler one of the noisiest drives at high speeds. Fortunately, there are now options that remain both flexible to use and improve driving comfort.

Build Quality

When setting out to design our Jeep Wrangler half doors, we wanted to create a product of the highest quality that would stay in line with the spirit of the vehicle. We started with marine grade fiberglass to create a solid and durable door that could withstand the elements and offer excellent insulation. We then focused our attention on ensuring that our Jeep Wrangler half doors were not only easy to install, but could be removed easily by the driver (staying in line with the flexible design of the vehicle).


In addition to creating a solid and flexible solution, we also felt that we could add a number of design improvements. Therefore, our Jeep Wrangler half doors offer larger windows than any other brand, a safe locking system and larger armrests for added comfort. We also offer three primary colors: black, white, spice in addition to a ready-to-paint model.

Direct from the Manufacturer

When you purchase your Jeep Wrangler half doors from you aren't simply getting a superior product, you are also getting an excellent price. By buying direct from the manufacturer (us) our customers save a substantial amount of money. In fact, our prices are in line with many of our competitors (if not lower) even though the product we manufacture is a far superior one.

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