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Newly Redesigned Jeep “TJ” Upper Hard Doors

We are proud to introduce our 2nd generation of TJ (1997 to 2006) upper hard doors. Upgrades and improvements to these newly redesigned uppers include:

  • Darker Window Tint
  • Rounded Front Window Frame
  • Better Overall fit And Appearance
  • Low Profile Inset Windows

New Spray-On Jeep Hardtop and Doors Protective Coating

New Jeep Hardtop and Doors Coating

We recently started using the new "spray-on protective coating" for our Jeep Hardtops and Doors which has resulted in a more durable, cosmetically appealing and longer lasting luster on the jeep tops and jeep doors.  This protective coating is specially formulated to not only help protect against the sun's harmful UV rays as well as other environmental factors, but also improve the overall appearance of the product its used on.

Jeep Hardtop CoatingJeep Hardtop Coating

Jeep JK Hardtop Product Update

JK Hardtop Product Update

Keeping our Jeep Hardtops Current

We are continuing our production of the tooling required to manufacture the Jeep Hardtop for the 2-door JK covering the years 2007 to current. We recently traveled up north to visit with one of the nations largest and most respected window manufacturers. Significant progress was made in regards to finalizing a prototype rear window for the new Bulldawg Jeep Wrangler JK hardtop. As always, the same quality and attention to detail is being being maintained to insure the JK hardtop meets our high standards


Bulldawg Line of Jeep Wrangler Hard Tops and Upper Doors now on Amazon & Ebay

Jeep Wrangler Hardtops & Upper Doors now on Amazon & Ebay

Jeep Hardtops and Doors Available ONLINE

The Bulldawg line of Jeep Wrangler Hard Top and Jeep Upper Doors can now be viewed and purchased online at either Amazon or Ebay. Check out the various listings or auctions by simply entering in key phrases such as “Jeep Doors for Wrangler TJ” or “Jeep Hardtop For Wrangler TJ”.

Jeep Discovery Hard Top Update

Discovery Top Updates

Jeep Hardtop for Discovery Model

The “Discovery” model Jeep hardtop has been a huge success, far surpassing our expectations. Customers have responded with a wide variety of unique applications for the “side window opening model”. One group of customers who have shown a great deal of interest in the new model were those who used their Jeeps for hunting. The ability to be able to load big bulky items from the sides and then access the equipment quickly from either side of the vehicle is very important to this type of customer. Those hunters who we talked with appreciated